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Our Story

Inspired by the word Legacy

Creating a legacy. A tribute to the humble table and chair.

At this table, we sat!

The foundation blocks for a brighter tomorrow were created.

Where future leaders learn and teachers impart their wisdom to tomorrow's generation; where ideas are shared and born, furniture is more than just a place to sit or work. It's a vessel for inspiration, creativity, and growth, it’s helped us create a comfortable atmosphere in which we live, thrive and survive.

From schools to coffee shops, workplaces to exhibitions, government offices to clinics. They’ve always been our silent witnesses of past and future legacies, present in every aspect of our lives. Whilst never invited, they’re always the essential friend you cannot start without.

They have listened to our thoughts, discussions, negotiations, decision-making, presentations, demonstrations, laws, policies, and regulations. Whether good or bad, faithfully without bias or comment.

They are the centre, of many a fine lunch; where they’ve heard us resolve our differences, a place to do our homework; a refuge for troubled friends; a venue for birthday treats and all of our celebratory candlelit dinners; a place to write and communicate our goals and vision for the future.

They have witnessed moments of great triumph and moments of great struggle throughout history; the evolution of culture and society; the growth and development of countless generations, businesses, industries, and societies, they continue to faithfully support us and be our essential tools for learning, growth, collaboration, calm and healing.

Then there’s a time when they look weary, bumped, bashed, and wear many battle scars with honor, having fulfilled their duty and purpose. Some get an immortal place in the books of history and others are given a revered spot in the lounge. Many get a second chance if we care enough for a sustainable future.

They’ve always shared our stage. At this table, I sat!

Join us in designing the future and creating legacies that will last for generations to come.

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