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The all-foam Snooza Chair offers the user a safe, comfortable & supportive postural management environment inside the house, school, (including special educational needs and disability) or facility, giving carers peace of mind to go about their daily tasks. For wheelchair users, getting out of the rigid metal frame & into the soft Snooza chair provides a nice space for family members to get closer and is more inclusive.


The Snooza chair by Rolapal is great for use as an indoor seat for patients with epilepsy, autism & cerebral palsy etc. Gravity helps to keep the user safely in a mid-line position. The higher arm rest position promotes better blood flow & the softness of the seat allows the user to extend (e.g., during a seizure) then gently brings them back into position.


Covered in medical grade vinyl with wipe-down surfaces & a breathable, washable comfort wrap, the Snooza Chair is easy care.

It is extremely light and the carry handles make for easy transportation. Large pockets are located on each side with ample storage space


Prices includes Base Wedge and Head Rest. All other accessories not included and are priced separately.


For sizing chart please request on

Rolapal Snooza Chair

PriceFrom £1,488.88
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