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A high density stacking chair for all public buildings. The chair is comfortable, tough, easy to handle and arrange making it ideal for conferences, schools and universities, dining areas, common rooms and offices. Strong, practical multi-purpose high density stacking chair.


The classic sled frame is made from high tensile 12mm steel wire coated with chrome 3. Available in 5 colours, including black which is made from recycled polypropylene. The linking feet and stacking blocks are clear polycarbonate.


All the components that make the chair can be separated, identified and recycled. Up to 32 chairs can be stacked on a trolley 180cm high.


For a compatible trolley click here

DT40 High Density Stacking Chair


Qty Discounts 25+ / 75+

    • Stacks 32 high on trolley
    • Integral linking on all chairs
    • BS EN16139:2013 level 2 certification for severe contract use
    • Black model manufactured from recycled polypropylene
    • Clear polycarbonate linking feet and stacking blocks
    • 12mm tensile steel wire frame with chrome 3 plate
    • 100% recyclable
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